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80 BPM02:45
Reduced version, percussion and SFX only, 80 BPM

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114 BPM02:33
An unknown horror threatens to destroy all we hold dear. What lies beyond for humankind?
115 BPM02:21
Sparse, atmospheric piano is interspersed with deep bass kicks, growing in anxiety into a complex array of aggressive war drums and burning risers, building into an expanse of slowly ascending, gritty synth pads in this dangerous and violent trailer cue. Version - Full
125 BPM01:01
Grainy metallic sfx, full force drum impacts, superficial dubstep grit. Blood all over the place. Edgy. Aggressive. Dominant, 125 BPM
123 BPM01:01
Sci-fi soundscape. Aggressive metal impacts. Helicopter synth pulses slicing the air. The engine has been started, feel the throb. Full orchestral charge ahead, adrenaline rushing through your veins, 123 BPM
112 BPM01:29
Curiosity gets the better of you as you pursue the deadly tornado. Alarm bells ring out and the chase is on.
136 BPM02:03
Menacing, ambient pulses and slams grow with contorted brutality into an overwhelming, devastating climax of colossal power.
111 BPM02:08
Evil, distorted booms with metallic tick-tock and bass drop as drones squall. Twisted synths shriek as drums hammer, accented by doomed clocks. Rising drone swells with tension to a breathy cut before laser synths shoot, ending with clock addendum.
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