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80 BPM02:45
Reduced version, no orchestral instruments, 80 BPM

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80 BPM02:45
Jingling Guzheng strings and soothing bamboo flutes. Powerfully impacting drums, driven string pulses gaining extensive momentum. Huge orchestral builds. Grandeur. Legends, 80 BPM
125 BPM02:21
Mystic gongs, explosive cinematic drums, Guzheng tremolos, bamboo flutes, ascending orchestral fantasies. Ancient connections. Home of the patriline. Family continuity, solidarity, 125 BPM
115 BPM02:16
Mesmerizing Asian flutes, Guzheng tremolos, cinematic drum thunder, arising orchestral grandeur, epic female voices of glory shine above them all. Mythological creatures. Tianlong, the celestial dragon, searing through the universe, 115 BPM
110 BPM02:00
mystical celtic flutes, female chants, spiritual, meaningful. intensifying, a dynamic orchestral build gaining dramatic momentum, hushing voices, soaring across the valleys, revealing an exciting mystery, 110 BPM
78 BPM01:39
Espectacular display of sparkling explosions, acrobatics and sheer far east beauty. Guzheng melodies fusing with hybrid-orchestra trailer excellence, cinematic drum strikes and gliding Asian flutes, 78 BPM
110 BPM02:46
Mysterious flutes and organic percussion build with pace and intrigue to a wondrous, soaring climax filled with emotion.
120 BPM02:07
Light tension and intrigue builds from sparse ethnic eastern strings, haunting female vocal and tribal percussion to a dramatic finale with pounding drums.
125 BPM02:28
Dark thuds, eerie fluttering tremolo strings, floating flutes, female choir. Tremendous build of tribal drums, domineering brass, agitating symphonic builds. Vibrational dubstep spirals. A powerful, almighty dynasty destined to ascend, 125 BPM
116 BPM02:25
an angelic voice chants softly over deep piano chords and mesmerizing celtic flutes. mystical and spellbinding. badass dubstep drop @ 0'47 injects drama with urgent strings, piano and thundering drums. heroic fantasy. a feeling of immense liberation, 116 BPM
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