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80 BPM02:45
Reduced version, no percussion, 80 BPM

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80 BPM02:45
Jingling Guzheng strings and soothing bamboo flutes. Powerfully impacting drums, driven string pulses gaining extensive momentum. Huge orchestral builds. Grandeur. Legends, 80 BPM
125 BPM02:28
Dark thuds, eerie fluttering tremolo strings, floating flutes, female choir. Tremendous build of tribal drums, domineering brass, agitating symphonic builds. Vibrational dubstep spirals. A powerful, almighty dynasty destined to ascend, 125 BPM
116 BPM02:25
an angelic voice chants softly over deep piano chords and mesmerizing celtic flutes. mystical and spellbinding. badass dubstep drop @ 0'47 injects drama with urgent strings, piano and thundering drums. heroic fantasy. a feeling of immense liberation, 116 BPM
105 BPM02:09
spiritual worship, druidry, ancient wisdom. forlorn strings introduce angelic singing in a mystical tongue. thunderous dubstep buzzes introduce adventure, building strings, striking drums, orchestral lifts, 105 BPM
146 BPM01:49
Aggressive drones, impacts, strengthening string staccatos, mean dubstep spirals. Smoke signals from high watchtowers. Dramatic advance. Immense constructions, protecting ancient China from enemy attacks, 146 BPM
78 BPM01:39
Espectacular display of sparkling explosions, acrobatics and sheer far east beauty. Guzheng melodies fusing with hybrid-orchestra trailer excellence, cinematic drum strikes and gliding Asian flutes, 78 BPM
123 BPM02:48
The sweet piano in the beginning sets the tone for a tender atmosphere. But a bass pulse brings an urging feel supported by dreamy yet thoughtful female vocals and dramatic strings. The arrangement of this fusion trailer track shifts again @01:06 and slows down for a soulful part that ends @01:37 when the choir and full orchestra with brass hit for a meaningful and epic sound. 123 Bpm. Full Mix.
100 BPM02:28
A bright and delightful scene with strings and piano gets broken up after the break @01:01 when heavy brass and choir hit with full force to make an unexpected dramatic turn. The drums pound relentlessly as the sound of the orchestra and choir overwhelms the scenery. 100 Bpm. Full Mix.
An eerie soundscape of delicious nocturnal terror tinkles. Monstrous dubstep fx quiver beneath the surface, raging strings, striking drum explosions, orchestral grandeur. Epic choir courageously building towards a crashing climax
110 BPM02:00
mystical celtic flutes, female chants, spiritual, meaningful. intensifying, a dynamic orchestral build gaining dramatic momentum, hushing voices, soaring across the valleys, revealing an exciting mystery, 110 BPM
106 BPM02:32
Blaring brass themes and passionate choral arrangements lift up hope while powerful percussion and edgy effects remind of the danger at hand in this exciting trailer cue. Version - Full
115 BPM02:16
Mesmerizing Asian flutes, Guzheng tremolos, cinematic drum thunder, arising orchestral grandeur, epic female voices of glory shine above them all. Mythological creatures. Tianlong, the celestial dragon, searing through the universe, 115 BPM
110 BPM03:01
see what happens when you face responsibility and the world becomes a better one. slowly rising orchestral textures, action strings cycling, brass layers build up to an agitating finale of extraordinary superhuman greatness @ 2'10, D minor, 110 BPM
80 BPM03:19
shimmering orchestral introduction with angelic singing, graceful strings. bells gently ringing, joyous and sweet. brass joining in, becoming braver, mysterious and heroic, 80 BPM
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