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Eerie pads loom under dark minimal strings and subtle rhythmic deep bass.

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Eerie pads loom under dark minimal strings and subtle rhythmic deep bass.
70 BPM01:04
Astronomical immensity, facing the infinite.
100 BPM02:49
Drones and drums, strings, clarinet and accordion in a somehow ritual session, driven by lost souls, 100 BPM
120 BPM01:30
Medium , Rising , Jet Engine , Suspense , Thriller , Low Growl , No Impact , Echo , Reverb , Turbine , Howling Wind , Wind Tunnel , SciFi , Futuristic , Accelerating
122 BPM02:23
Shivering orchestral clusters crawling like black, frozen magma. coming from afar like an apocalyptic storm over land. the extinction of life, F-sharp minor
89 BPM02:08
Dramatic atmosphere building to epic reveal
91 BPM01:36
Slowly descending into a pit of awful, agonizing despair.
126 BPM01:08
Vast and eerie, dark, solitude
113 BPM01:10
Production Elements - Trailer - Sound Design. Droning bed that stays relatively static and build anxiety. Medium. Full Mix.
80 BPM02:17
80 BPM02:17
Deep mysterious drone with science noises builds in intensity
0 BPM00:25
An ominous, low drone with glass bowls and a low rumble.
115 BPM02:07
Series Of Subtle Hits And Pulses, Drone, Dark, Low, Anticipatory, Background, High Pitched Whine, Sci-Fi, Modern, Sudden Accents, Atmospheric, Trailer, Promo, Commercial, Underscore, Sound Design, SFX. Dark & Intense - Horror, Suspense. Full Mix.
145 BPM01:50
An ominous and foreboding drone lingers under powerful slams and otherworldly, alien-esque electronic effects.
0 BPM02:21
Windy landscape feel builds in tension with strings, then dies down.
103 BPM01:19
Sci-fi hopeful, atmospheric.
122 BPM01:06
Sinister, tense ambience with low pounding huge drum and aggressive drones
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