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152 BPM01:41
Frantic strings rush around, generating a feedback whine as a mystical plucked harp smashes into an echoing boom. Weeping strings wander around a hard-pulsing bass. The strings wail as the bass surges, transforming to sharp synth run that booms away.

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132 BPM03:04
Lush string section with drums & percussion builds tension to a beating clock in a race against time.
120 BPM01:39
ominous pulses, dull stabs, vague setting, arcane. percussion, piano, synth, eerie fx. obscure uncertainty prevailing - 120 BPM, Full Mix
152 BPM01:33
Dark rumblings as layers of mournful strings scurry, wail and whine, their ages-old tragedies competing with one another to see who has the saddest tale. The pace intensifies as the strings swell to a frantic boom, joined by a dense piano note.
109 BPM02:17
Pursuit of a cause comes at a price. Insistent combination of orchestral and other acoustic elements offering an unstoppable, relentless momentum.
70 BPM01:52
A creepy nightmare that gives way to way to first at medium speed but then grabbing by the throat. There is a final moment of release from teh tension.
80 BPM02:56
Sliding, Boom, Rise, FX, Synth, Strings, Drone, Percussion, Tension, Ominous, Mysterious, Airy, Ambient, Gradual, Building, Dark, Investigation, Serious, Glitchy, Brooding,
120 BPM02:16
Big lies and a fractured worldwide system. Urgent, tense strings and undulating analogue synths create an atmosphere of intrigue and suspense.
85 BPM01:58
Rise, Sliding, Buzz, Strings, Loop, Cello, Percussion, Tension, Dark, Mysterious, Brooding, Beautiful, Electronic, Tech, Investigation, Glitchy, Urgent, Driving, Building, Pulsing
92 BPM02:37
Ominous ambiences build with darkly dramatic strings and tense percussion, culminating with a tension-filled and terrifying crescendo.
112 BPM02:12
Fast paced pulsating notes are joined by strings creating tension for an attemped escape from isolation.
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