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124 BPM02:11
Chilled reggae beat, popping home organ offbeats, tacky electro fun. Shiny with serious retro sparkles. Grooving at a slow Jamaican/ German pace, A major, 124 BPM

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120 BPM02:19
Funk & Soul - Acoustic & Folk. Reggae, Reggaeton, Bass, Drums, Percussion, Guitar, Electric Guitar, Global, Travel, Tropical, Sunny, Jamaica, Kingston, Dreadlock, Holiday, Rastafari, Riddim, Mellow, Caribbean, Positive, Medium, Chillin, Chilling. 120 BPM. Full Mix.
119 BPM02:59
Laid back ska features brass and organ
140 BPM01:32
140 BPM01:32
Quirky, cute, bass heavy and poppy with just a hint of the mysterious! This is groovy, sun soaked electro-pop with retro reggae styling! A snappy electronic beat with traditional Jamaican instrumentation provides the back line for loungy male vocals and sultry melodica! Smooth, happy, relaxed fun for kids and adults alike! Pop - Dub. 140 BPM. Full.
82 BPM02:22
Mellow and thoughtful reggae track with chilled rhythm and dynamic brass grows with guitar hooks and breezy organ melodies.
140 BPM02:35
Dreamy lovers rock. Time to get a little romantic! Smooth backing vocals, spacey glockenspiel melody and chilled horns.
125 BPM01:37
The clarinet and her ensemble lead us enthusiastically and full of verve. Get out in the fresh air. Best with the bike! 125 BPM. Full mix.
153 BPM02:30
Talented gypsy violonist accidently gets beamed into a computer game, accepts the challenge and tries to fiddle for the high score against accordion. Quirky electro-acoustic electro swing folklore dub mash up. Full mix.
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