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92 BPM02:37
Menacing pulses and contorted synths build with horrifying intensity to a climax of dark mystery and chaotic drama.

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153 BPM03:00
Electronics, percussion, tension, bourne, terminator, glitches, blade runner, gun, battle, clips, rounds, bullets, fight, pulse, future, sci-fi, ethereal, rising tension, metallic, transformers, machines, industrial, ak-47, jack hammer, construction, war, godzilla ,choir
100 BPM02:41
An arresting finish when you least expect it. Tense layers of bending synths and pulsing percussion slowly evolve, growing more and more ominous. Out of nowhere, a bombastic wall of blaring alarms, frantic pulses, and crushing percussion takes over, pushing to the end. POI @ 0:19 Ominous ticking begins over muted low pulses. POI @ 0:38 High metallic percussion enters. Braams intensify. POI @ 0:52 Riser builds to an echoing peak.. POI @ 1:02 Deep booms intersect with bending synth drones and high artifacts.. POI @ 1:36 Ticking clock and insistent rhythm begin. POI @ 2:04 Slow searing riser to the end. POI @ 2:16 Surprise ending with blaring alarms, and crushing percussion.
100 BPM02:17
Airy foghorn blasts and a dissonant slice create a tense, minimal intro; string stabs and creepy wind chimes; animalistic shriek; driving cello woven with deep bass pulse, creature growls, wild, dissonant string rises; shrieks, pounding drums
120 BPM02:10
Airy, atmospheric, reversed FX textures layer with a dangerous, rhythmic synth bass pulse, building with intensity as the shrill tones take over, the percussion pounds and slams, alarms sound and the whole thing builds to a massive outro
120 BPM02:33
Low filtered drums and slicing synths open this stylized masterpiece. Distorted, vibrating, buzzing, pulsing FX take over the universe.
120 BPM01:21
Pulse, Sliding, Buzz, Fluttering, Creaking, Rise, Percussion, Metal, FX, Pulsing, Dark, Ominous, Creepy, Tech, Whirring, Panning, Hiss, Zapping, Swoosh, Whoosh, Accelerating,
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