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93 BPM02:39
Contorted, creaking pulses build with dark synths and menacing strings, culminating in a malevolent crescendo filled with urgency and darkness.

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116 BPM03:23
This track is packed with action and energy. Ideal for sports.
83 BPM02:04
Curious beginnings build slowly before sharp industrial sounds creep towards you from nowhere.
136 BPM02:47
Long, growing, suspenful intro that lead into massive drum hits and a synth pulse that build tension. Orchestra and Percussion add drama and create a dangerous, horrific feel.
112 BPM01:06
Light percussion hits, strings and synthesizer effects lead into an ominous build of morphing abnormalities and universe-shaking slams.
120 BPM02:40
Infiltrating above top secret. Eerie opening builds towards an aggressive and imposing conclusion with hard-edged bass and synths.
78 BPM02:24
When everything is in desolation, we must rely on our humanity to keep us going.
100 BPM02:27
Low Hits, Sporadic, Empty Spaces, Silence, Churning, Sci-Fi, Futuristic, Avatar, Low Drums, Pounding, Blasts, Building, Ponderous, Building, Driving, Intense, Pulsing, Dark, Trailer, Promo, Commercial, Sound Design, SFX, Dark. Thriller Pulses. Full Mix.
130 BPM02:15
Pure terror begins with pounding drums, ominous brass swells, and continues to build to a frightening end with agitated strings, drop downs, and dive bombers.
70 BPM02:09
Dank, cave like echoes, atonal strings and evil orchestral swells rise with dark, ominous tension. Trembling, swirling strings buzz and swarm, rising to a stabbing attack on an innocent soul
110 BPM02:25
Ominous piano-bell melody and atmospheric pads lead into a dynamic war of heavy hits, pounding percussion, brass sweeps and rise.
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