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92 BPM02:36
Searing synth pulses and tense percussion build to a shocking climax filled with dark mysterious and colossal suspense.

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130 BPM01:11
syncopated rhythm, creeping darkness, eerie. synth, electronica. dynamic. mysteriously evolving theme @ 0'25 - 130 BPM, Full Mix
120 BPM02:40
Infiltrating above top secret. Eerie opening builds towards an aggressive and imposing conclusion with hard-edged bass and synths.
148 BPM01:21
Helicopter blades tick an urgent pulse over ominous drones and a dangerous, reversed piano. As the tension ramps, drums pound, building to a massive swelling outro
110 BPM02:05
Danger is evident as ethereal piano and dark synth pads pulse and drone. Wall-of-sound stabs cut through as a single repeating note binds the piece from beginning to end. Heart-pounding, Anxious, Driving.
86 BPM01:41
scary setting, huge reverberant synth thunder, stabs, metal guitar elements coming up, distorted, pending. industrial suspense scene - Full Mix
150 BPM02:04
Action - Drama - Trailer. You were born with the mark and bear the burden of its fate. Cursed to rule the underworld and its hordes of lost souls and prepare them for their battle on the scorched battle fields of Earth. Medium. No Rise.
98 BPM02:11
Distorted processed synths collide with massive drums propelling this dangerous underscore, swarming with venomous sfx, into an apocalyptic battle.
115 BPM01:56
Confident, building underscore for true crime & investigation. Insistent, motivational synth pads & expansive textures with rhythmic electronics & tense heartbeat
85 BPM03:38
Glitchly ethereal drones, trippy electronic beats, dark orchestra, builds to a climatic end
120 BPM03:07
Gloomy pulsing synths give way to driving drums and airy guitars. Heavy rock guitars initiate an explosive chorus with choir and pounding percussion for a cinematic end. Drama - Suspense, Action. 120 BPM. Full Mix.
110 BPM02:06
Pulsing stabs of distortion strike fear and trepidation into the core of your being.
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