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92 BPM02:42
Ghostly ambiences back unsettling, mysterious piano that builds with tense percussion to conjure a menacing scene filled with mystery and darkness.

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90 BPM02:10
Ominous synth chords and suspense become more driving with piano moments and techno feel.
92 BPM01:34
Rumbling drone and skittering synth scampers into a running bass and high, whining wails driving forward as swirling tones reverberate out into the abyss. Layers of faint percussion and an airy rise lay the groundwork for a swelling, final boom.
63 BPM02:21
Murky drone back an echoing pound that quickens amidst a growing synthscape anchored by an almost-hidden bass. A ticking threatens to rise up, but sounds of the percussive future sound the alarm.
145 BPM02:00
Tense piano floats above pulsing synths, strings and constant heart pounding beat. Ticking clock percussion increase the intensity. Synths and strings grow earnestly to a sublte peak at 1:13, then gradually fade out, leaving behind simply piano and beat. Pulsing sub hit to end.
88 BPM02:18
Thudding, driving, pulsing drum & gritty beds build with digital loops to nervous ticking, anxious bass & electronic theme. Determined & relentless
90 BPM01:30
Pulses that convey dramatic undertones as sharp poignant synths come together in a clashing force.
120 BPM02:20
Anxious, restless piano loop with rhythmic pulsing pads, tense, quirky synth percussion & eerie middle section. Exciting electronic underscore for true crime
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