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92 BPM02:39
Sinister pulses and haunting keys build with unsettling percussion and dramatic strings to evoke mysterious, approaching darkness.

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120 BPM02:41
Opens with reverb drones creating gravely electronics, and sparse light percussion creating tension and a moody feeling. The driving drums strings and percussive elements give the piece a powerful and victorious feel.
106 BPM02:09
dark intro. doom hits the mysteriously calm soundscape with heavily vibrating jitter fuelled sound pads. building. dirty electronica pulses elevate and explode @ 0'59, releasing masculine power, 106 BPM
74 BPM03:01
A desolate piano melody floats over eerie ambient textures and haunting processed keyboards, ultimately escalating into crises mode with hammering hits and syncopated rock guitar layers.
120 BPM02:50
mysterious and creepy fast arpeggios with dark, menacing accents, slightly building up to a menacing scenery
120 BPM02:28
Ethereal Voices misled you into thinking this was a safe place, there is no safe place, and you've fallen into our trap.
0 BPM02:16
A mysterious, repeating piano moves into bending strings causing your temperature to rise. Chilling electro elements, string rises and a heartbeat keep the suspense going to the final slash.
113 BPM02:36
Haunting and brooding with deep bass, eerie synths, pads and tense percussion.
70 BPM02:09
Dank, cave like echoes, atonal strings and evil orchestral swells rise with dark, ominous tension. Trembling, swirling strings buzz and swarm, rising to a stabbing attack on an innocent soul
61 BPM02:39
heavenly orchestral textures ascending towards bright light. metal strikes. almost playful chopstick percussion torments and teases the enchanted procession, 61 BPM
120 BPM02:30
Hair-raising bed with disturbing sound effects, ghoulish piano, sinister sax, and menacing electronic drums. Tension building, Film, Mystery, Reality TV, Scary, Program.
120 BPM02:40
Infiltrating above top secret. Eerie opening builds towards an aggressive and imposing conclusion with hard-edged bass and synths.
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