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92 BPM02:37
Ominous atmospheres and terrifying booms combine with mysterious piano to conjure eerie intrigue and suspicion.

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92 BPM02:37
Darkness falls and the underworld are coming out to play.
92 BPM02:37
Darkness falls and the underworld are coming out to play.
90 BPM01:59
Dark, foreboding pulses and mysterious strings combine with tense, impactful percussion to conjure incoming drama.
92 BPM01:00
Unsettling ambiences back pulsing vocal effects and glistening piano to evoke epic, hopeful suspense.
80 BPM02:10
hells bells ringing, deep drone. scary female voice faintly calls out, picking up speed. an alarming build-up of string tremolos, striking drums and brass @ 0'54. ghostly theme interrupted by shocking silences. slowly opening the gates of hell, 80 BPM
75 BPM03:50
sullen reality, piano drops, drones growl beneath shrill chords, dubstep sfx, strings intensify dramatically, slamming impacts, brass regally advances, soaring, determined, magnificent. Beethoven's waldstein sonata 21 op.53 redefined, 75 BPM
100 BPM02:56
mysteriously calm soundscape with drops of resonant piano, cello, sharp screeching textures. agonizing string thread behind a persistently rising violin pulse and dramatic slamming drums. gaining momentum. monolithic choir enters @ 2'03, 100 BPM
91 BPM03:02
increasingly dark soundscape with galactic dubstep tremors and strangely calm piano chords. urgent string movements, harsh slamming drums and a heroic choir lift the roof of the universe, 91 BPM
92 BPM02:44
Deeply melancholic strings and piano intertwine with sombre intimacy and build with dramatic impacts to a peak of epic despair.
120 BPM02:21
Haunting strings amongst startling impacts and sombre piano builds a simmering sense of impending peril, climaxing with a searing crescendo.
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