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93 BPM02:31
Tense piano and menacing pulses build with startling percussion to conjure incredible urgency and poignant determination.

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84 BPM02:35
fateful piano, heroic violin cascades, bold brass, drums. focussed. determined to fight. building dramatically to orchestral brilliance. larger-than-life epic choir joins @ 2'00, C-sharp minor, 84 BPM
78 BPM02:49
emotive piano, energetic pulsating strings, climbing with enthusiasm. drums hanging back, legendary epic choir introducing the final chapter. grandeur. magnificence, D minor, 78 BPM
157 BPM03:11
A dark pad layers under a serious piano motif, setting a contemplative and emotional intro; strings layer in as the drama unfolds, swelling up with ticking, lush full orchestra and a bold brass theme to a huge climax.
72 BPM03:00
a new day arrives. fair maiden sings over majestic gliding strings and progressing orchestra, gradually building, panoramic, becoming grand, heroic and forceful. brass swells, drums, exciting strings arise for a huge cinematic build. absolutely epic choir @ 2'20, C minor, 72 BPM
98 BPM02:22
speedy string staccatos and dramatic pulse over hushed rolling cinematic drums. an urgent vibe. building. theme rising @ 1'28. serious development, 98 BPM
110 BPM03:28
Mysterious chiming synth intro, hybrid orchestral, pulsing, building, important, anticipatory, regal, huge drums, exciting choir, epic transformation, victory, dramatic, massive outro
155 BPM02:51
Epic - Pulsing Intro with Piano and Electronic Elements, Hybrid, Strings, Dramatic, Cinematic, Foreboding, Ominous, Backend at 1:40, Brass, Powerful, Soaring, Strong
156 BPM02:15
Fast-moving cello races over light strings and dreamy piano chords; angelic choir drifts with a swelling orchestra build and dramatic anticipation; sophisticated, cinematic theme carries a lush, orchestral climax with soaring choir and pounding drums
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