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110 BPM02:17
Hip guitar and mandolin add positive vibes while bouncing beats, percussion and bass emphasize optimism in this fun indie pop instrumental. Version - Instrumental

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120 BPM02:58
This is a happy tune with lots of cheerful ukulele and lively clapping with heavy stomps. Pause at 1:07 leads to clapping and a ukulele breakdown. Builds again then calms with a relaxing piano. Finishes joyfully. Pop - Rock. Full Mix.
105 BPM02:13
Deep bass groove introduces this summery pop TV track with bouncy guitars, sweet tubular bells, light percussion, and feel good ukulele. Friendly addition to any Ad, Film, Comedy, or Program. Traveling Music, Snappy, Happiness, Positive.
114 BPM01:03
Simple, easygoing indie tune with relaxed hand claps and happy guitar melody. Lightly bouncing retro wurly drives the song forward and keeps it upbeat.
105 BPM01:01
Adventurous and upbeat indie pop beginning builds with a playful and energetic vibe.
117 BPM01:52
A perky, bubbly track with simple piano, hand claps and a campy, fun guitar melody skipping throughout. A pleasant feel with a vintage appeal. Version - Full Mix
122 BPM02:19
Pulsing, feel-good mid-paced tropical house, featuring bright electric guitar, synthesizer and hand claps creating a cool, fun, party mood. Great for ads, shopping/retail and daytime programming.
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