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110 BPM01:01
Hip guitar and mandolin add positive vibes while bouncing beats, percussion and bass emphasize optimism in this fun indie pop instrumental. Version - 60 Second Instrumental

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110 BPM01:02
Rock - Pop. You won't want to stop this piece once you start it. It's so inviting and full of energy. Electric and acoustic guitar brew together so rich and creamy at :11. Picks it up to a rocking dance quality beat at :37. Full Mix.
105 BPM01:01
Adventurous and upbeat indie pop beginning builds with a playful and energetic vibe.
116 BPM01:49
Upbeat and pop sounding with positive, driving acoustic guitar riffs fueling a melodic lead guitar and resonator.
126 BPM01:49
light, slowly evolving electric guitars, synth, chimes. enthusiastic electronic dance tune @ 0'23, radiating positivity and confidence - 126 BPM, Full Mix
95 BPM02:16
Fun pounding drums and claps settle in comfortably before a light hearted electric guitar and playful piano introduce themselves. Electric guitars drop out. The piano tickles the ivories with feel good claps. Drums fall out and guitars groove with breakbeat. Builds with an energetic stomping drum and guitar. Positive OH's join for an inspiring ending.
120 BPM02:58
This is a happy tune with lots of cheerful ukulele and lively clapping with heavy stomps. Pause at 1:07 leads to clapping and a ukulele breakdown. Builds again then calms with a relaxing piano. Finishes joyfully. Pop - Rock. Full Mix.
120 BPM02:40
Rolling guitar sways with claps, tambourine and breezy acoustic guitar strums. Harmonica adds down home vibe as bass walks with melodica lead. Drums and guitar swirl as sweeping horns lift up and strings push to a celebratory climax.
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