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120 BPM01:18
Dark beats, jittery drones and spacious piano.

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120 BPM01:50
Dark beats, jittery drones and spacious piano.
130 BPM01:11
syncopated rhythm, creeping darkness, eerie. synth, electronica. dynamic. mysteriously evolving theme @ 0'25 - 130 BPM, Full Mix
120 BPM01:00
a spooky atmosphere of drum hits, stabs, dark growling synths and creepy piano chords echoing. melodic fragments. stop and go. tense, lurking - 120 BPM, Full Mix
120 BPM01:49
Big, powerful percussion hits echo into an abyss of electronic noises, synthesizer pulses and ambient soundscapes.
120 BPM02:12
Ominous, metallic rhythm that makes for a chilling, uneasy mood.
0 BPM01:13
Act One - Dark thriller, pulsing suspense, sci-fi, emptiness of space, monster, intense anticipation, tense, clanging hits, atmospheric
64 BPM02:11
The fear is real in this dark, slow-creeping music bed steadily moving with deep, echoing drums/percussion, pulsing synth bass, ghostly lead and unsettling, spooky textures. Ominous, eerie and hypnotic.
120 BPM02:50
mysterious and creepy fast arpeggios with dark, menacing accents, slightly building up to a menacing scenery
110 BPM00:26
Thriller, Crime, Mystery, Ambient, Ticking, Suspense, Piano, Time Running Out, Important Decision, Choice, Dramatic
86 BPM01:41
scary setting, huge reverberant synth thunder, stabs, metal guitar elements coming up, distorted, pending. industrial suspense scene - Full Mix
111 BPM02:20
Unnerving sense of an eerie menace creeping ominously closer.
60 BPM01:35
forceful distorted drum hits, eerie fx, imminent danger. strings, synth. intense, ominous - 60 BPM, Full Mix
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