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120 BPM01:16
Eerie piano, deep textures and ominous drones.

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77 BPM02:09
Ominous ticking and searing synth pulses build with devastating percussion to evoke imminent danger and monumental tension.
0 BPM01:23
Act One - Glitchy static, flanging static pulse, minimal, sci-fi, hybrid, stuttering sound design elements, deep bass drops, tension, heartbeat, danger, horror, suspense, fear, intense, battle, war, huge, airy percussive rise
120 BPM01:23
Psychotic, Psychotic Break, Horror, Horor Beds, Horror Drones, Delusional, Demented, Static, Fright, Scary, Surprise, Surprising, Jump out of your seat, Frightening, Mental, Psychological, Thriller, Rise, Deadly, Voices, Percussive Rise
96 BPM01:51
Dark sound design and drones with a menancing undertone turn into industrial. style rises and percussive hits. 94 BPM. Full Mix
100 BPM02:03
Towering sound design, colossal reverb and grinding synths evoke a sense of urgency in this immense track.
96 BPM01:28
Low buzzy synthesizers and cataclysmic atmospheres collide over violent, earth-ending hits.
94 BPM01:12
Rolling sub hits turn into a fast and furious getaway. Epic drum and percussion hits. Heavy, chugging, pulsing dark sound effects and percussion. Rises to an adrenaline filled ending.
104 BPM01:54
Dark, low hits set an ominous tone while evil synth textures create a menacing rhythm, pulsing steadily, building with layers of brutal metallic slams.
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