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120 BPM00:32
Dark beats, jittery drones and spacious piano.

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110 BPM00:26
Thriller, Crime, Mystery, Ambient, Ticking, Suspense, Piano, Time Running Out, Important Decision, Choice, Dramatic
120 BPM01:50
Dark beats, jittery drones and spacious piano.
111 BPM02:20
Unnerving sense of an eerie menace creeping ominously closer.
120 BPM02:12
Ominous, metallic rhythm that makes for a chilling, uneasy mood.
80 BPM02:29
Static electronic drone with cold synth bell motif, slow heartbeat & uneasy, high distorted ringing builds in intensity. Suspenseful, dark, ominous bed for true crime
80 BPM01:54
An unwelcome visitor makes itself known, to chilling effect.
149 BPM00:39
Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Ambient, Cyber, Tech, Medical, EKG, Heart Beat, Submerged, Heart Beat, Medical, Put Under, Subdued
134 BPM01:34
Deep, powerful sci-fi drone. Metallic slices and horn blasts lead into a distorted pumping riser.
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