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120 BPM01:50
Dark beats, jittery drones and spacious piano.

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75 BPM02:09
Psychological horror underscore. Eerie, creepy bed with dark, scary synth braams builds to violence with aggressive percussion hits & throbbing sub bass
111 BPM02:28
cozy wormhole ambiance with a distant beat. post-apocalyptic. industrial. somehow calm. giant futuristic machines agitating in the background, 111 BPM
120 BPM01:13
Heartbeats begin to race as a filtering, airy synth rise is joined by haunting sound effects and building percussion.
74 BPM01:05
evil, sinister sounds from threatening drums and electronics. fast action pulse, drone, dark horrifying stabs @ 0'23, increasing intensity, Full Mix
107 BPM00:47
TENSE RISER. Your heart is beating faster, and faster, and louder and louder with total fear during this nightmare.
70 BPM02:13
Relentless bass pulses and grinding textures combine with subtle percussion and disturbing pads to create an ominous mood in this dark scoring bed. Version - Full
88 BPM03:11
Terrifying, scary horror. Suspenseful textures & quiet ticking interrupted by shocking, violent, distorted braams. Gradual build with tense heartbeat to sudden end
90 BPM01:42
Demented effects, airy percussion chops and ominous ethereal soundscapes lead to insanity.
120 BPM02:10
Airy, atmospheric, reversed FX textures layer with a dangerous, rhythmic synth bass pulse, building with intensity as the shrill tones take over, the percussion pounds and slams, alarms sound and the whole thing builds to a massive outro
120 BPM02:12
Buzzing synth swells and falls as gurgling, jagged, swishing layers whine and cut. Airy, eerie boom whooshes as a hissing whine cuts to a pulsing pitter-patter and rumbling synth. A bleak cacophony of intense anger rises and cuts.
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