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98 BPM02:15
Big dronal hits and driving retro synths create a menacing suspense. Bold percussion thunders as strings and brass swell and grow into a soaring epic with an electro aftermath.

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110 BPM02:43
Driving synth and string ostinatos fuel a steady rise to the peak, with spots of glitching FX. POI @ 0:08 Synth ostinato enters. POI @ 0:26 Strings enter. POI @ 0:58 Percussive build reverberates out. POI @ 1:08 Glitchy rise into full groove. POI @ 1:27 Brass rises to prominence. POI @ 1:45 Texture continues to thicken with choir. POI @ 2:19 Downer into riser, into final abrupt cutoff. POI @ 2:30 Final drone.
120 BPM02:55
Dark pads, deep booms and mysterious, swirling synths set a dangerous pace; heavy percussion and brass blasts layer with tense, driving strings; heroic, yet emotional brass and serious choir tells us the battle isn't done...yet
160 BPM02:30
A smash of percussion arrests the senses and acidic leads pulsate in the veins. Portentous strikes and strings herald a darker purpose until a brief cut, before returning with imposing brass and intense effects before final percussion.
120 BPM01:40
Distorted heavy metal guitar riffs, vibrational plucked strings, pounding half-time drums. Orchestral greatness. Sensational, soaring, reaching for the skies, E minor, 120 BPM
170 BPM02:33
Hybrid trailer track with dramatic string intro. Heavy drums and synth with emotional horn melody. Choir @00:57. Dropout @01:22. Epic build up. 170 BPM. Full mix.
156 BPM01:33
exciting trailer theme with driving string sections and explosive fx stabs. epic, heroic. extremely thrilling build-up @ 0'31. another build-up towards the end, choir joining in - D minor, 156 BPM, Full Mix
162 BPM03:01
A hum of synth murmurs and pensive piano chimes as if brought on an ill wind. Strings lift the gloom before breaking down with screeching SFX. Strings and orchestral brass build to an apex of heroic choral vocals and blast of brass to the cut.
100 BPM02:27
This song creates a dark and dangerous atmosphere, but grows strong and confident towards the end. Dropouts @01:02 and after climax @02:06. Choir @01:56. 100 BPM. Full mix.
140 BPM01:53
Slamming impacts, fuzzing filter sweep synths, gritty drones, pounding cinematic drums. Bright lights, speed, movement. The throbbing engine of digital orchestra wonderland arising, 140 BPM
115 BPM02:40
Wailing sirens off the top build up to a tough, swagger driven intro with super heroic brass, bold guitar riffs, and dominating percussion building into a commanding, yet fun action climax
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