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120 BPM02:59
Foreboding, emotional spine-chiller. Unsolved mysteries. Sad solo cello at 0:52 builds to punishing climax.

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90 BPM02:16
This song moves in an undisclosed state of mind between emptiness, apathy, remorse and relief. A variety of synth sounds sweep through the mix along a percussive electric guitar. A emotional piano @01:07 shows some regret and reprieve. 90 Bpm. Full Mix.
90 BPM03:00
Tragic synth bass trudges through nervousness while spooky effects and synth add a stealthy element to this underscore cue. Version - Full
120 BPM01:37
Peculiar synthesizer sounds and mechanical pulses percolate through vines of hanging reverse string and guitar tones for an eerie feel.
69 BPM01:36
atmospheric guitar pad for sad and melancholic moments. a broken heart, an empty mind. the mood is meandering through this track with the change of instrumentation, 69 BPM, Full Mix
120 BPM02:32
Haunting piano notes and harp are joined by gentle strings as mysteries unfold. Spooky 'breathiness' implies whispered secrecy.
120 BPM01:08
Bleak, funereal strings evoke the finality of death.
132 BPM02:34
Main Version - Pusling beat with synthetic strings, weird sounds and reverse guitars, tension underscore.
75 BPM01:06
Faint whining synth sets the stage for probing bass and menacing cello. The bass walks around, trying to find the cello which stays disguised, leaving the bass to search in the darkness.
60 BPM02:13
Get lost in this unsettling and mysterious underscore piece creeping with eerie textures, haunting piano, dulcimer, bass, pulsing synths, heartbeat percussion, drums and echoing tones creating a spooky, otherworldly energy.
85 BPM01:44
Main Version - Modern orchestral with prepared violin and double bass/string line, harp and electronics, horror style.
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