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80 BPM01:00
Eerie, creaking pulses joined by ethereal synths build from terrifying desolation to dawning hope.

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0 BPM01:13
Act One - Dark thriller, pulsing suspense, sci-fi, emptiness of space, monster, intense anticipation, tense, clanging hits, atmospheric
102 BPM02:43
Constant sense of urgency as the threat level ratchets up to critical.
153 BPM03:00
Electronics, percussion, tension, bourne, terminator, glitches, blade runner, gun, battle, clips, rounds, bullets, fight, pulse, future, sci-fi, ethereal, rising tension, metallic, transformers, machines, industrial, ak-47, jack hammer, construction, war, godzilla ,choir
149 BPM00:39
Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Ambient, Cyber, Tech, Medical, EKG, Heart Beat, Submerged, Heart Beat, Medical, Put Under, Subdued
90 BPM02:38
Brooding, ambient picture of panic and confusion as an emergency situation takes hold.
95 BPM02:20
Terrifying, metallic bangs with building drones and deep, monstrous groaning is backed by an ominous sound-scape, finishing with hellish, ferocious screams.
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