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75 BPM03:08
the good days might be gone for good. ultra-sparse and bittersweet hip-hop track with a glimpse of hope. tragic surf guitar melody. monstrous bass. determined piano stabs. damn we lost bro', F minor, 75 BPM

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88 BPM03:36
Raining coins. Delicate harp chords glistening. Bling-Bling. Nifty hip-hop beat. Hedonistic surf guitar. Fruity vibraphone. Cool. The soundtrack of winners. Young entrepreneurs bathing in billions, C minor, 88 BPM
88 BPM03:36
danger and romance. delicate harp chords over wobbly hip-hop beat in a psychedelic UK lounge setting. hedonistic surf guitar. fruity vibraphone. swirling electronica. reflecting. a heroic spaghetti western theme rising with tremolo mandolin orchestra @ 1'19, C minor, 88 BPM
80 BPM02:39
battered memories. drastic tremolo surf guitar over breathy orchestral textures, reduced drums and bass with distinctive dub quality. hypnotic. bittersweet. determined, E minor, 80 BPM
72 BPM02:32
Dreamy and mellow downtempo featuring hammond organ creating a laidback mood from Morcheeba Productions, composed and produced by world-renowned trip hop pioneer and influential master of the genre Paul Godfrey for Sacrosync Ltd.
90 BPM02:17
Alternative - Rock. Disconcerting slow jam drug trip. 90 bpm. Full Mix.
86 BPM02:43
Hip Hop - Jazz. Slow and bluesy laid-back Southern Funk vibe. Electric guitar lead trading melody with analog synth, complete with police car sirens, record pops and ad lib vocals. Full Mix.
85 BPM01:52
Chinese Guzheng zither call and response dialogue atop of a reflecting breakbeat drum loop. Moments of introspection. Breezy. Sweetly melancholic with a visionary impact, D minor, 85 BPM
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