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135 BPM03:24
Love reigns supreme in this upbeat, feel-good Latin-pop dance track grooving with bouncy bass, driving drums, guitars and playful brass! POI at 2:38 lightning-quick guitar and bright brass call-and-answer over the pulsing rhythm leading into the big finale. Sonrisa! Latin - Pop, Dance. 135 BPM. No Lead Vocals.

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108 BPM01:53
Latin - Dance. This tune is so colorful and tropical you'll think you're in a club in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The piano offers a flavorful melody at :35. Trumpet and popping drums will make you want to swivel your hips. Synth brings on its beat at 1:10. Full Mix.
96 BPM02:05
Traditional Latin percussion is joined by electronic drums and synth bass. Trumpets and guitar provide the melody over piano, rhythm guitar and trombones.
95 BPM02:16
Puerto Rico in the house! This tropical reggaeton mixes traditional reggaeton with the tropical touches of trombone, trumpet, piano, synthesizers, conga, guira, bass, claps, with elements of bembow, cumbia and salsa.
106 BPM01:56
Beat - Advertising - Promotion - Rock, Quirky. Cross the border to mariachi fun-town with playful horns, infectious Spanish guitar and lively strings. Latin percussion adds flavor while the bouncy bass parades in the festive atmosphere. POI @ :42 showtime/broadway breakdown rings out with loud jovial shouts! This party is going all night! Vamos a celebrar! Aye Aye! Light-hearted and whimsical. 106 BPM. Full Mix.
120 BPM02:04
The party is ready to get started! This electro punta beat will have you out of your seat clapping and dancing to the fiesta sounds of South America and the rhythm of the drum set, percussion, electric guitar, bass, piano, brass and synthesizers.
100 BPM02:10
From the streets of San Juan, you can listen to this mix of reggaeton and salsa callejera with a flavorful piano tumbao, marimba, bass, Latin percussion, and synthesizers.
109 BPM02:25
Rumba - Latin - Rumba. Bomba music, incorporating Cumbia and Salsa rhythms, piano montunos, Spanish guitar and a sizzling trumpet. Rhythm and groove is the essence of this chart. Full Mix
108 BPM02:29
Salsa - Latin - Salsa. Crossover Salsa with a sizzling piano montuno and heartfelt trumpet solos. Catchy vocals and Latin percussion give it energy and drive. Full Mix
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