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90 BPM00:31
Alternative - Rock. Disconcerting slow jam drug trip. 90 bpm. 30 Second.

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90 BPM02:17
Alternative - Rock. Disconcerting slow jam drug trip. 90 bpm. Full Mix.
91 BPM02:46
hot southern blues featuring sweaty electric guitars, drums, e-piano, rolling bass. swaying hips. seductive and sexy, 91 BPM
88 BPM03:36
danger and romance. delicate harp chords over wobbly hip-hop beat in a psychedelic UK lounge setting. hedonistic surf guitar. fruity vibraphone. swirling electronica. reflecting. a heroic spaghetti western theme rising with tremolo mandolin orchestra @ 1'19, C minor, 88 BPM
75 BPM03:08
the good days might be gone for good. ultra-sparse and bittersweet hip-hop track with a glimpse of hope. tragic surf guitar melody. monstrous bass. determined piano stabs. damn we lost bro', F minor, 75 BPM
83 BPM02:01
Urban - Funk and Soul - 1960s, 1970s, Retro. You's da bomb with this funky retro cue. The poppin' bass, effected guitars and tambourines create a fun, urban strut vibe. Over the top modulation and increased intensity from 1:31 to the end. 83 BPM. Full Mix.
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