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93 BPM01:03
Electronic - Soundtrack. The bridge features an ambient spanish guitar interlude that takes you back to the theme. 60 Second Narration.

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140 BPM02:36
Cluster of sound manipulation. Nature led field recordings merged with cathartic beats offer a hazy equilibrium.
100 BPM02:10
Mellow, mid-tempo impressions evoking thoughts, intelligence and creativity.
82 BPM01:05
Dance & Electronica - Hip Hop & R&B - Urban, Electro, Club, House. 82 BPM. Full Mix.
84 BPM02:26
Electronic - Corporate. Lots of floaty, effected synths are tied together by a bubbly percussion. Moments of revelation keep popping up amidst the pulse and throb of an engineers workshop. Subtle weirdness abounds, but never gets in the way. Full Mix. Full Mix.
87 BPM02:59
Thoughtful and light ambient electro featuring organic analogue synths and a floating vibe by acclaimed sound designer Ian Sanderson composer of the seminal Cuckooland sample series used by among others Jean Michel Jarre
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