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81 BPM02:30
Drama - Soundtrack. For plotting renegade justice or payback on a galactic scale. Subtle electronic influences creep into this orchestral theme. A suspenseful and menacing underscore supports majestic brass passages and insistent timpani and bass throbs. Alternate Mix. Alternate Mix.

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Dark soundscape building military muscle with percussion
Heavy hard chord to tragic pulsing strings and brass
Relentless pounding action build up orchestral
86 BPM02:08
lonely piano and string intro, ominous stabs evoking a sudden change of mood, drums, synth, eerie swells. out of thin air - 86 BPM, Full Mix
91 BPM01:02
A powerful and dramatic orchestral track. Version - 60 Second
95 BPM02:05
Industrial wasteland, after catastrophe, 1990-2000, after the invasion of Normandy
140 BPM02:34
Drama - Soundtrack. A little newsy, with brass and timpani bursts - a little techno, with a throbbing bass line and loops. Sound design gives this piece an other-worldly edge and helps the scene to scene transitions. A news and investigation bed for disgruntled anchors. Full Mix.
80 BPM01:35
Sustained brass notes, crashing percussion, and driving, rhythmic strings are evocative of a grand spectacle. After a triumphant crescendo, the texture thins, the pace slows, and a bleaker mood prevails, building gradually to the final forlorn crescendo. Orchestral. 80 BPM. Full.
70 BPM02:13
clanging and slapdash gritty dubstep stabs set the uneasy mood. a trip down a dark tunnel, trickling water, terrifying occurrences, eerie. deep brass and military drum rolls. bad situation
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