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93 BPM01:01
Drama - Soundtrack. For plotting renegade justice or payback on a galactic scale. Subtle electronic influences creep into this orchestral theme. A suspenseful and menacing underscore supports majestic brass passages and insistent timpani and bass throbs. 60 Second Alternate Mix. 60 Second Alternate Mix.

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Relentless pounding action build up orchestral
Heavy hard chord to tragic pulsing strings and brass
Solemn and serious military action dramatic orchestral cutting point to big ending
140 BPM02:34
Drama - Soundtrack. A little newsy, with brass and timpani bursts - a little techno, with a throbbing bass line and loops. Sound design gives this piece an other-worldly edge and helps the scene to scene transitions. A news and investigation bed for disgruntled anchors. Full Mix.
143 BPM01:04
Slow tempo tense frightening eerie dramatic orchestra and choir features drums
83 BPM02:11
high tension timpani pattern. despite the title there is nothing fun about this track. seriously dangerous energy, eerie strings and strange percussive elements building up to a thrilling finale - Full Mix
84 BPM00:33
Psychologically disturbed, insane asylum, psychiatric ward
95 BPM02:05
Industrial wasteland, after catastrophe, 1990-2000, after the invasion of Normandy
101 BPM01:02
Intense percussion and winding strings/woodwinds/brass are the order of the day with this track. Version - 60 Second
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