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161 BPM01:02
Electronic - Soundtrack. A reverse orchestral intro leaves you at the mercy of a slow and dirty beat, analogue blips and wah guitar. The underlying drive of bass drops (drum 'n bass style) keeps things deep and suspenseful. If there wasn't a gangsta trip hop scene, there may be now. 60 Second Narration. 60 Second Narration.

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86 BPM03:21
Light moody electric hip hop beat
100 BPM02:25
Atmospheric - Ambient. Police radio/air traffic control meets urban oriental funk. Full Mix.
116 BPM00:35
Production Elements - Soundtrack. Mid tempo electro drum beat underscore. 1 Version.
96 BPM02:23
Promo - RnB. Groove in the bassline to get hips shaking. Full Mix.
102 BPM00:34
Uplifting and upbeat pop builds with a positive and dynamic energy.
95 BPM02:06
Promo - EDM, Dance. Dancehall at it's finest, with a small modern influence. Full Mix.
136 BPM01:02
Tough female vox on a busy synth track. . Version - 60 Second
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