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140 BPM02:05
Drums only.

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120 BPM02:30
sonar-like pings portray a desolate atmosphere. violent slams. bowed cello whispers new life. deep drones, tribal war drums. metallic dubstep-fx gain dramatic strength, 120 BPM
100 BPM02:20
The legions are mounting a onslaught. Hybrid, menacing trailer orchestral biopic.
140 BPM02:42
Sequencer rushing, threatening string ostinatos, powerful cinematic drumming, shattering impacts, pulsating synths, dubstep FX accelerations. Serious speed, outrageous advance. Opus choir. Unstoppable. Living on the edge, 140 BPM
120 BPM02:07
Sinister tension bed with subtle percussion grows with dramatic strings into a epic choral and orchestral finale.
98 BPM02:30
The deep blue sea, air bubbles surfacing, pounding drums. Dramatic hybrid-orchestra adventure, a tremendous build of brass and string staccatos, 98 BPM
110 BPM02:47
Derelict space, abrasive drones, desolate existence. Futuristic scenario void of humanity. Synth pulse ignites the aggressive advancement of forcefully propelling orchestral staccatos. Apocalyptic, 110 BPM
120 BPM02:26
outer-space dronescape slowly transforms with slamming drums, heavy swooshes, hits, rapid pulsating string movements and gritty dubstep tremors. huge passionate latin choir builds with epic enthusiasm, 120 BPM
160 BPM01:44
Dangerous, intense chase. Dark, distorted bass braams & tense, scary pauses build with insistent, threatening, pounding percussion & fast pulsing synths
140 BPM02:45
After a slow beginning the track picks up the pace with high energy drums and percussion and transforms into a heroic anthem after the dropout @01:09. 2nd dropout @01:40. Choir @02:10. 140 BPM. Full mix.
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