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116 BPM00:04
Searing multilayer trailer riser.

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78 BPM00:08
Film - Sound Design - Production Elements. Dramatic rise used for building suspense and tension for the purpose of thrilling and exciting. Full Mix.
153 BPM00:11
Piercing digital trailer riser.
67 BPM00:08
A magical, whooshing orb hovers in the air, then shoots off into the distance.
161 BPM00:10
The wail of a thousand souls being tortured in hell.
151 BPM00:10
Searing multilayer trailer riser.
1 BPM00:06
Whoosh, scraping, metallic scrapes, metal, industrial, dangerous, danger, suspenseful, mystery, brooding, powerful, intense, mechanical, machine, thriller, horror, monster, creatures
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