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85 BPM02:36
No Guitars

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154 BPM02:01
Pulsing alarms and eerie ticking build with devastating slams to a tension filled climax, conjuring horrifying urgency and darkness.
121 BPM02:16
Rapid fire starts off a tour de force action theme with dominating drums, knee-buckling bass drops, and synths that will send you straight into cardiac arrest. A suspenseful rise climax punches straight to the gut before dropping you into infinity.
140 BPM02:33
Rattling percussion and jangling change with synth squalls that drop and run with frantic vocal stabs. Tense drums light up a cyber-punk world that shimmers and tumbles back to the jingle of coins.
89 BPM02:14
Dangerous and overwhelming with atmospheric effects and alienesque electronic overtones joining forces over distorted hits and percussion.
150 BPM01:09
Mechanical effects and ominous distorted synths cover dynamic, dramatic string themes and powerful drum blasts with serious, apocalyptic tones.
120 BPM02:10
From the distance, an eerie, oscillating analog synth stacked with heavy percussion/drums, slowly appears. Powered by effected sub-tonal bass lines and crashing percussion, it slowly builds into a bone-chilling death march to doomsday.
118 BPM01:14
Bold, fierce and determined! Throbbing, dark trailer tension with an explosive build of militant-like rhythm. Vicious hits and crunchy sound design textures dominate.
115 BPM01:14
Clocks, bells, piano, cello ticks, paper, switches, rises and big percussion.
80 BPM02:18
Swirling drones and dark, rhythmic pulses grow with nightmarish intent, conjuring a gruesome, imminent threat.
120 BPM01:28
Dark, massive hits lead into a pulsating, hypnotic drum cadence and huge cinematic hits creating a omnipresent threat. Builds with distorted explosions/hits, resulting in a massive climax and ending in Armageddon! Bombastic, Apocalyptic, Explosive.
78 BPM01:08
Dark and suspenseful piece with massive hits and impacts. Stuttering sound effects. Grungy heavy metal guitars and nerve-racking drums. FX heavy. Rise ending.
0 BPM02:42
Low, mysterious growls, dark, ominous pulsing intro, high tech, sci-fi video game tension, pounding drums & driving, futuristic high synths create a rhythmic swagger, ostinato strings and percussion drive an exciting hybrid orchestral outro
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