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133 BPM00:09
Digital engine-inspired trailer riser.

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90 BPM00:12
Shrieking, screaming rise with hollow resonating finish
153 BPM00:15
Resonant high trailer rise with fluttering peak.
127 BPM00:14
Hollow trailer riser with delayed tail.
0 BPM00:10
Specialty - Rise, Build, Ambient, Atmospheric, Promo, Impact, Intense, Sound Design, SFX, Element
133 BPM00:15
Digital engine-inspired trailer riser.
110 BPM00:14
Whirling hollow trailer riser.
112 BPM00:16
Muted airy trailer riser.
121 BPM00:10
Roaring trailer whoosh with slicing high strings.
100 BPM00:13
Scary multilayer trailer riser with reverberant tail.
89 BPM00:24
A choir of double basses rising up from the depths of despair.
116 BPM00:14
Scary semi-tonal trailer riser.
0 BPM00:10
Swish Hit - Ambient, Atmospheric, Promo, Impact, Sound Design. Full Mix.
121 BPM00:12
Gritty engine-inspired trailer riser.
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