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116 BPM03:12
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120 BPM02:08
Nitro junkie on the loose - reckless, wild and searching for kicks.
80 BPM02:35
Serious take-no-prisoners attitude of riotous power.
120 BPM02:31
Ticking percussion and ambient FX are punctuated by deep aggressive impacts, moving guitars, and driving synth pulses, rising to a memorable peak. POI @ 0:17 Bass, hits, and synth pulses begin. POI @ 0:33 Heavier hits. Texture thickens. POI @ 0:49 Deep downer into silence. POI @ 0:53 Sweep into main groove. Guitar and drums enter. POI @ 1:25 Hit decays into ambience. POI @ 1:29 Synth melody overlays groove. POI @ 2:06 Sweep into ticking recap.
140 BPM03:10
Dark, mysterious and aggressive hard-rock epic featuring distorted, ominous guitars, futuristic pulsing synths, deep bass and bombastic effects all creeping over hypnotic half-time drums. Version - Full
120 BPM02:43
Frenetic guitar and synth textures combine with distorted progressions, slow grooving drums, rising effects and powerful percussion to emphasize strength and resilience in this rocking instrumental. Version - Full
120 BPM02:47
This rough and rebellious hard-rock brute destroys with heavily distorted guitar riffs, ominous synths, mechanical effects and stomping drums, creating an edgy, aggressive sound. Version - Full
125 BPM02:44
On the run, and the stakes and adrenaline are high.
80 BPM01:40
Epic destructive action sound design. High intensity mayhem that builds into heavy pulsating synths colossal impacts. @ :03 high pitch distance piano notes. @ :10 synth riser into hit. @ :35 stutter synth riser into a downer. @ :48 synth bad downer. @ :51 reverse synth pulses starts. @ 1:06 riser starts. @ 1:24 synth riser.
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