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94 BPM01:55
Creepy strings, clocks, pulsing bass. Time is running out and something creepy is coming for you.

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110 BPM01:05
A quick opening whoosh leads into a big percussion track with big brass hits and creepy string rises. Version - Full Mix
140 BPM01:37
Pulses under strings create tension as orchestra joins in. A half time groove gives a false sense that everything will be alright; and then things really get out of hand. Version - Full Mix
100 BPM01:56
A creepy, minimal intro sets the scene for tense, dissonant strings to interplay with one another, dancing a deathlike waltz with intensely creepy plucks and textures, bending tones, dark cellos, stomping percussion, steadily marching towards demise.
145 BPM01:52
Clocks, bellchimes, clacks, mechanical movement, dragging short celli and long and short evolving strings.
88 BPM01:51
Action - Trailer - Action, Adventure. Take a deep breath and step into this dark and dangerous theatrical piece filled with ominous textures and thrilling strings. POI @ :48 the tension as the threat level grows higher and higher with pulsing staccato strings and spine chilling sound design that builds to a inescapable climax. 88/176 BPM. No Haka, Percussion, Guitar.
145 BPM01:10
A fast percussion pattern erupts into a sinister orchestral rise with big hits and ambient effects. Version - Full Mix
120 BPM01:10
Rattling upright bass builds with a creepy string and brass swell into a sinister string melody with big percussion hits. Version - Full Mix
175 BPM02:21
Eerie, agitated synths, tense string motif, menacing brass, mysterious bells, industrial synth & threatening, dark basses build to urgent, intense end
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