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88 BPM04:53
Bright happy with African lyric male vocals and saxophone

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104 BPM03:57
Happy carefree calypso fun male vocals keyboards and brass
117 BPM03:38
Happy highlife fun male vocals
150 BPM05:42
Circular marimba with light skipping rhythm and male vocals
100 BPM02:38
100 BPM02:38
Zulu celebratory song
129 BPM04:55
Light happy party atmosphere vocals features brass
127 BPM06:01
Highlife style rhythmic marimbas flute and male vocals
122 BPM02:21
This upbeat and positive piece has a pop sound featuring guitar melody, African pop rhythms, kalimba, mbira and percussion. World - Africa, Ethnic, Tribal, African, Pop. 122 BPM. Full Mix.
102 BPM05:13
Fun female vocal highlife with saxophone
121 BPM05:14
Happy hi life vocals and afro rhythms
88 BPM03:30
Up beat Caribbean song message male vocals
85 BPM03:24
Easy fun happy relaxed romantic song Spanish male vocals
111 BPM04:14
World - African. Sung in Chichewa with male and female vocal. Catchy and upbeat with a message warning against being wayward. Full Mix.
104 BPM03:11
Uplifting, young female vocalist and chorus cheerfully invite you to sing and enjoy life, setting the mood for this contemporary Vallenato with accordion, live guitars, percussion, drums, and bass. Performed with a lighthearted touch. Latin - Colombia, Spanish, Vallenato, Caribbean. 104 BPM. Full Mix.
156 BPM04:11
Medium tempo happy easy light holiday pop reggae male vocals
90 BPM04:32
Spirited Paseo Rapido Vallenato that entertains with its vigorous latin percussion, firey bass, high-energy accordion and lighthearted playful male vocals.
152 BPM00:33
Bright melodic party song Spanish male vocals
120 BPM02:24
Let it grow" Catchy melody, upbeat groove
76 BPM03:54
Happy religious reggae male vocals
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