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69 BPM03:45
Insistent moody dark travel with effects

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99 BPM02:17
Electronic - Sound Design. A funky laid back groove with Moog bass and Hip Hop drums. Interlaced with sound effects. Full Mix.
82 BPM02:38
Dark brooding rhythm with heavy beats, choppy glitches, blips and beeps
109 BPM02:31
Laid-back funky soul trip. Version - Full Mix
112 BPM01:02
Beach promenade early evening. Sunset + Wilshire 1 pm
98 BPM04:32
Relaxed trip hop female vocal
100 BPM02:10
Mellow, mid-tempo impressions evoking thoughts, intelligence and creativity.
79 BPM00:31
short esoteric hip-hop groove. Version - Loop
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