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175 BPM02:12
Lush strings, harp, piano and chiming bells build, then give way to a peaceful interlude. POI at 1:22 Beautiful arpeggiated piano takes center stage to finish out this dynamic, uplifting track.

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100 BPM02:23
Celestial chimes and emotive piano evoke pensive introspect that build with intensity and sentiment, whilst percussive pulses drive the piece to a heady climax.
110 BPM02:35
Hopeful piano arpeggio rolls up and down, skipping into layered riffs over an ambient synthscape. Faint cries of strings rise and fall to the governing piano punctuated by beautiful pinging that ushers in a wash of synth, and a final piano outro.
168 BPM02:06
Waves of bright, tumbling piano swell and recede as sharp, pinging notes accent the progress and momentum. Cymbal crash into racing, airy pitter-patter as the piano rushes along, anchored by tense bass notes that surge the anticipation up to a cut.
158 BPM02:11
An atmospheric and positive sounding underscore with punchy percussion and sub bass under shimmering electric guitar and reverse piano effects. . Version - Full Mix
96 BPM02:40
Marimba, Ethnic, Foreign, Suburban, Xylophone, Neighborhood, Kids, Children, Subtle, Heartbreaking, Gentle, Emotional, Reflective, Historical Epic, Building, Piano, Strings, Orchestra, Orchestra, Inspiring, Choir, Choral, Uplifting, Hopeful, Beautiful, Melodic, Trailer, Promo, Commercial, Underscore. Full Mix.
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