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110 BPM00:18
Take the edge off with a catchy groove and shake your troubles away with this funky '70s style jam, featuring colorful rhodes, bright guitar, bouncy drums, and grooving bass. Great for ads, trailers, and reality TV. Dance, Groovy, Happy, Upbeat, Retro, Night.

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127 BPM02:11
Stand strong and walk tall with this resolved funk theme, featuring bombastic drums, retro organ, glittering tambourine, surf guitar, and driving bass. Perfect for ads, trailers, and reality TV. Driving, Intense, Pushing, Resolved, Retro, Funk.
116 BPM00:58
Rock - Pop. The piano and psychedelic organ start this tune off. Then the whistling takes over the organ's melody at :17. Making for some playful banter. Synth zips you into outer space at :32. Full Mix.
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