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0 BPM01:50
Dark, low male choir stabs punch through a gritty, pulsating bass and low cello drone, churning with tension and raw power, building and rising to an intense and massive outro.

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124 BPM02:25
Energetic digital synth textures introduce powerful, determined theme, building with intense electric guitar. Calm interlude leads to gritty drop
170 BPM02:38
Menacing, dark synth pad introduces ominous, pulsing, gritty riff with glitchy, electronic atmospheres. Builds to powerful, relentless & intense end
80 BPM02:28
Somewhere the phone is buzzing like a muffled jackhammer. Disoriented, panicky, you try to remember last night. Fast pulsing club synths, hits of something, fighting, running, driving into a blackout.
112 BPM02:16
A horrifying combination of piano hits and abundant synth swells, pads and effects. Electronic percussion percolates throughout with effected horns mirroring piano lines in spots, building into a blood-curdling climax. Version - Full Mix
120 BPM01:36
Bloated fuzz bass and screaming, siren-like synthesizers create a freakish soundscape with thunderous metallic hits.
0 BPM04:09
Urgent, pulsing synth intro, dangerous, serious, menacing strings, long, airy rise leads to choir swell and dark, heavy, stomping beat with fuzzed-out bass, mid-tempo, dangerous, spy, heist, another huge rising swell @ 2:36, epic, unholy choir comes in @ 3:21, elegant violins, slow walking, massive choir and brass stab outro
90 BPM01:45
Modern, Robots, Machinery, Tron, Futuristic, Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure, New Age, Synth, Anticipatory, Act Two, Machines, Thriller, Mysterious, Weird, Unsettling, Action, Trailer, Promo, Commercial, Sound Design, SFX, Dark. Thriller Intense. Full Mix.
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