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0 BPM02:05
Low booms and ominous synth pads swirl while massive bass blasts shatter the peace; dark pulsing synths and FX churn, building with fast, ticking percussion and rising sound design to a massive, intense, relentless back end

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115 BPM01:07
Ambient hits and electrifying synthesizers build underneath short repetitive string phrases that build to a big climax.
121 BPM01:07
Freakish brass effects and building percussion lead into washy rises, powerful dynamic hits and syncopated, tension-building rhythms.
88 BPM01:11
Explosive hits and swirling effects launch into a dark build of atmospheric tones, electrical layers and percussion slams.
145 BPM02:18
This crushing, cinematic mecha-monster dominates with an explosive mix of jaw-dropping sound design, racing strings, distorted guitars, pummeling drums and frenzied synths. POI @ 1:33 Relentless orchestra and haunting choir join in for a dizzyingly epic, climactic finale.
112 BPM02:49
ominous soundscape like a futuristic air raid with fizzling high voltage buzz pulsing, hissing synths washes & dull stabs. gated fx. rising. apocalyptic big beat attacks @ 1'13, 112 BPM
108 BPM02:11
Dark and unsettling low drone with high, airy textures; swells of tribal percussion and heavy taikos layer with low pulsing bass and dangerous synth squalls, building in anticipation and tension to a massive, pounding climax.
96 BPM01:28
Low buzzy synthesizers and cataclysmic atmospheres collide over violent, earth-ending hits.
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