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0 BPM02:02
Sharp futuristic synth alarm blasts and shrill FX lead to pulsing tones, glitchy hits and hybrid distorted bass rhythms, building to an intense outro.

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130 BPM01:36
Pulse, Distortion, Clang, Flutter, Alarm, Rise, Percussion, FX, Synth, Foghorn, Pulsing, Stabs, Dark, Machinery, Heavy, Glitchy, Ominous, Intense, Grinding, Panning, Buzzing, Flutter, Whirring, Zapping, Electrical,
80 BPM01:48
Pulse, Buzz, Rise, Alarm, Loop, Synth, FX, Sticks, Metal, Percussion, Pulsing, Shrill, Stabs, Dark, Evil, Ominous, Urban, Swagger, Heavy, Brutal, Buzzing, Grinding, Low, Drum, Guitars, Whirring, Strike
90 BPM02:00
Massive, distorted synth squalls lead into a menacing, bouncing bass rhythm; steadily marching at an ominous pace, squealing synth blasts layer in, building with ticking percussion to a tense, driving outro
90 BPM02:07
Shrill rocket flares layer with intense synth pulses and massive hits; a digital pulsing rhythm sets a driving and urgent pace; power downs and glitchy stops meet with pounding drums to build a massive outro
136 BPM01:49
Ominous and wriggling bass lines morph and wobble through a mysterious rhythmic terrain of kick drum and snare with industrial sounds chiming in the background. A hazy facade of synth pads and effects fills in the cracks of this rugged, strong wall of sound. Version - Full Mix
80 BPM02:30
Echoing gongs and bending pads with piercing clang hits over deadly synth bass groove; sliding tones mixed with evil FX, building with tension and fear; quick rise up to noisy alarm and distorted synth pulsing blasts, building to a deafening climax
165 BPM02:36
Futuristic thieves prepare for the heist. @:26 a light groove comes in while the synth/sound design elements continue to evolve. @:46 a synth riser enters and build to reverb tail shimmers. @:55 the main groove enters with additional synth percussion elements. @1:32 a build from silence introduce a short section of groove fills as the bad boys check their guns. @2:09 a build from sound design elements and intensifies at 2:24 with a hit. Trailer - Guitar - Electronic. 165 BPM. Full Mix.
80 BPM01:52
Deep brass blasts bend upwards over a rising, rhythmic pulse; glitchy synth beats and textures slice, squeal and slam over pounding drums; a huge bass drop leads to a giant, rising climactic build
0 BPM02:19
Hollow pings and deep bass hits meld with futuristic synth textures and tons of urgent glitchy textures and FX building to a frantic, darkly heroic spy action back end with driving percussion, brass and racing strings
120 BPM01:49
Pulsing and futuristic sound design with a chaotic energy creates an uneasy, anxious vibe..
109 BPM00:55
Dark, Sharp, Electronic Blasts, Pulsing, Pounding, Churning, Rise, Mechanical, Machinery, Pounding Hits, Death, Approaching Danger, Something'S Coming, Subtle, Low, Sound Design, Sfx, Horror, Slasher, Killer, Chainsaw Massacre, Trailer, Promo, Commercial, Underscore. Full Mix.
80 BPM02:04
Sub woofer alert - deep bass braahms and low synth textures glitch and pulse, building up rhythmically with glitchy layers of low end everything
0 BPM02:24
Heavily distorted percussive slams with evil, glitchy FX, broken machinery and eerie atmospheres, distant pings and creaking, racing strings and fast drums break through to drive a tense, building hybrid orchestral back end
120 BPM02:09
Wake up with your mind wiped clean. Terror overtakes you. A low droning pulse swirls; deep bass drops while vile images of last night slice through your memory. Digital shrieks pierce the calm; while pounding hits create an evil back end.
0 BPM02:18
Radioactive pulse hits, sci-fi, alien, deep space, digital whispers, heavily distorted bass tones, alarming pulse, tense, mechanical, hydraulic, fast-paced action percussive back end build
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