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0 BPM01:40
Overdriven synth blasts rise gradually to rhythmic, pulsing, futuristic distorted stabs and a shrill alarm. A fluttering rise builds intense urgency to the end.

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65 BPM01:42
Haunting whispers and breaths float above a wash of distortion, heavy impacts, and deep pulsing bass. POI @ 0:10 Sweep to silence. POI @ 0:15 Gnarly vocal FX. POI @ 0:31 Bass pulses begin as texture thickens and grows. POI @ 0:46 Larger distorted vocal FX. POI @ 0:49 Heavy impacts as the pulses and percussion intensify. POI @ 1:04 Slow downers thicken the texture as it rises. POI @ 1:22 Wall of guttural screams as the percussion grows to the end.
72 BPM01:32
Minimal intro with reverse swirls and skittering synth textures; shrill alarm tone sets an urgent pulse while stabs of glitchy textures, strings and shrill sounds build and swell to an urgent climax
86 BPM01:47
Explosively aggressive and unrelenting night-terrors begin morphing into a demonic world of pain and devastation.
74 BPM01:54
Layers of gritty electronic pulses and industrial percussion accelerate to a brutally violent finish. POI @ 0:36 Voltaic rise. Industrial hits and bass pulses begin. POI @ 1:07 Groove enters - interspersed with crying alarms. POI @ 1:33 Filthy riser into final deep hit.
94 BPM01:54
Echoes, Hits, Dark, Deep, Sporadic, Separated, Blasts, Building, Slow, Sci-Fi, Futuristic, Robots, Terminator, Scream Fx, Alarm, Mental Ward, Action, Trailer, Promo, Commercial, Sound Design, SFX, Dark. Thriller Intense. Full Mix.
110 BPM01:36
Badass bass synth riffs lead this powerhouse cue. Howling and growling synths gradually pound their way through while a scorching synth rise leads to an epic climax.
69 BPM01:26
Powerfully racing against time to save the human race from a deadly, weaponised virus.
120 BPM01:52
War is hell. Deafening ringouts as explosions continue all around. But our warrior grinds on, stopping for nothing. Unsettling ambience gives way to percussive sound design swipes. Distortion and machinegun guitars build to an ominous riff and orchestral rise with attitude. Slamming drums take it over the top. Soundtrack - Trailer - Action, Epic. 120 BPM. Full Mix.
0 BPM02:24
Heavily distorted percussive slams with evil, glitchy FX, broken machinery and eerie atmospheres, distant pings and creaking, racing strings and fast drums break through to drive a tense, building hybrid orchestral back end
84 BPM02:12
In an industrial dystopian city, modular sounds and a sub bass begin the dark journey. Powerful, relentless high scorching synths attack.
67 BPM01:32
Destroying everything in their path, these machines will end all life on earth.
120 BPM01:35
A glimmering landscape of electric FX builds to crushing rhythm of urgent alarms and thunderous percussion. POI @ 0:07 Glassy pings over electric bass swells. Alarm begins almost silently. POI @ 0:21 Alarm intensifies over oscillating riser. POI @ 0:34 Exposed heavy impact, followed by exposed alarm. POI @ 0:50 Heavy groove begins over wash of alarms and metallic pulses. POI @ 1:24 Fast swell into final gritty hit.
81 BPM01:37
All out galactic war annihilating everything and everyone, death is your only escape.
125 BPM02:01
A dark, ominous soundscape builds in suspense and takes you to the edge of silence before errupting with massive drumbeats and building effects. Feel your heart beat in your ears as rising strings take you to the last end tag.
124 BPM02:02
An evil and horrifying force takes over with massive, distorted slams taken from the deepest and darkest holes of hell.
70 BPM02:00
Violent percussion dominates a mix of glitching FX, swelling alarms, and thunderous impacts. POI @ 1:14 Heavy impact with synth stab. POI @ 0:35 Glitching riser leads into crushing drum groove. POI @ 0:58 Slow riser builds to abrupt drop-out. POI @ 1:10 Electric rise into percussion groove. POI @ 1:25 Groove builds to crushing peak. POI @ 1:40 Final gritty hit and low bass swell.
130 BPM00:58
A ticking time-bomb! Tension erupts into massive, gnarly brass hits driven by intense action-rise effects and an echoed in a soundscape tag ending. Powerful and cinematic.
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