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125 BPM01:00
Africa, World, Urban, Lounge, Chill, Chillout, Techno, Electro, Travel, Cool

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119 BPM03:07
A bouncy pop tune with exotic percussion and instruments. Join the colorful party and celebrate exuberantly. The icing on the cake are the traditional instruments like ney flute, baglama lute and the dumbek. Feels absolutely ecstatic and cheerful. 119 Bpm. Full Mix.
116 BPM02:24
Electronic - Disco. Arppegiators and delays intro to a gentle piece still providing a driving groove with strings, guitars, synths and pianos. Has a 70's disco feel to it. Full Mix
121 BPM01:10
Dance & Electronica - World - Club, Lifestyle, Fashion. Full Mix. BPM 121.
125 BPM01:38
Corporate - Dance. Slow intro to an upbeat dance for the corporate world. Full Mix
110 BPM03:32
Electronic - Dance. Your favorite Spanish dance craze. Brought to life with synthesized accordion and Spanish guitar over that infectious beat. Full Mix.
Cool funk groove
112 BPM01:15
Dance & Electronica - Hip Hop & R&B - Funk & Soul, Breakbeat. Full Mix. BPM 112.
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