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0 BPM02:10
Tense, swirling pads with shrill synths swell up to flanging, rhythmic bass pulse punctuated by sharp, metallic hits

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0 BPM02:09
High, mysterious piano, skittering FX textures, deep synth pads, eerie, icy, alien intro, deep distorted bass drops lead to a tense middle, steady, rhythmic percussion and driving short strings propel an exciting spy tech investigation back end
130 BPM01:10
forceful and energetic, effected synth, glitchy dubstep elements, destructive drum hits, restless arpeggios causing more tension - 130 BPM, Full Mix
0 BPM03:09
Stretched growl, sharp FX, massive bass stabs and futuristic pulse, dark intro, racing strings burst into a tensely exciting, percussive middle with bent synths, distorted brass & pounding taikos propel a driving, epic hybrid orchestral outro with choir
120 BPM01:01
Dark and modern trailer track with a sci-fi and dark future atmosphere. Synth part @0:30. Key: C minor. 120 BPM. Full mix.
100 BPM02:27
Mysterious underscore with massive sub-bass, ominous ethereal distorted soundscapes, and maniacal sfx, that lead to inner hysteria. Dangerous addition to any FilmTrailer, Drama, Reality TV, or Soap Opera. Criminal Mind, Scary, Tense, Investigation.
91 BPM01:32
Dark low drone with creepy chime FX; evil orchestral elements; impact hits; distorted bass with breakbeat and rise to end. Drama - Horror, Fears. Full Mix.
160 BPM03:00
Deep swelling and pulsing collides with a cinematic rise, huge drop and driving distorted synths. A fast moving beat crushes high level rhythms with a gripping drop and full rise to the end.
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