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0 BPM01:41
Thunderous taikos explode with rumbling clusters, then a sparse, tense percussive middle, builds to a massive tribal attack.

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68 BPM01:41
Low hits; Huge pounding drums; Metal hits middle; Building to climax w/ rise to end. Epic Drums. Full Mix.
150 BPM01:04
Vast legion of drummers. Tribal, aggressive and pounding with an explosive lift off from 0:29
154 BPM01:02
Hunted and outlawed. Tense opening to a dynamically fired up chase sequence from 0:25
180 BPM01:08
High Intensity Epic Action Percussion
0 BPM01:08
Epic, monstrous percussion follows the blow by blow action as the intensity grows towards triumph.
110 BPM01:00
Impending fear, a modern battlefield. Gradually expands, the threat of an invasion is imminent.
160 BPM01:16
Action - Cinematic, Drama - Adventure, Percussive. Modern electronica elements meld with incessant percussive hits and pounding drums that build to the end of the cue. 160 BPM. Full Mix.
144 BPM01:17
Hostile and uncompromising landscape. Only the fittest will survive in this psychological chiller.
115 BPM00:47
Drums - Sparse, Ambient, Atmospheric, Intense, Promo, Impact, Sound Design. Full Mix.
125 BPM01:15
Distorted, unsettling noise pulse; Driving, relentless drums and hits; Huge snares and crashes to end. Drama - Epic Drums. Drums.
90 BPM00:56
A army of thousands converge to do epic battle for world domination
80 BPM01:10
Huge hits; Driving action drums building to climax, rise to end. Epic Drums. Full Mix.
106 BPM01:27
Rhythmic pulsing synths and racing percussion backed by huge slams jump start this high action cue which builds to a crescendo of warring titans and clashing gods.
160 BPM00:56
Pounding insistent horrific drums with rise/Full version. Drums and Percussion - High Intensity, Impact, Promo, Trailer. Full Mix.
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