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147 BPM02:25
Ethereal male vocals collide with string rises, dubstep drops, heavy drums and effects for an otherworldly experience.

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100 BPM01:58
A bold blend of driving crushing percussion and growling synths builds to a punishing climax. POI @ 0:14 First huge impact. POI @ 0:23 Percussion intensifies. POI @ 0:35 Synths and percussion build, cutting to silence. POI @ 0:45 Growling swell to deep impacts. POI @ 1:28 Percussion intensifies, driving to a peak. POI @ 1:45 Quick crushing recap of main groove.
160 BPM01:37
Unsettling rhythmic intro bleeds over into massive hits and fx, fueled by massive drums and slowly growing to an unrelenting, frenzied finish. Destroyer, Doom, Defcon 5.
85 BPM02:13
Post apocalyptic, ominous, atmospheric and darkness prevail. Buzzing blasts and distorted synths take over the planet. A high fuzzy synthetic sound electrifies the backend.
72 BPM01:42
Pure grit - Layers of pulsing bass and alarms support windy FX and filthy percussive impacts. POI @ 0:05 First gritty impact. POI @ 0:15 Slow synth riser begins, echoing into silence. POI @ 0:29 Abrupt impact into pulsing alarms and heavy percussion. POI @ 0:56 Cut to solo muted bass pulses. POI @ 1:05 Biggest percussion groove, layered with synth alarms building to a peak. POI @ 1:31 Gritty swell into final impact.
92 BPM01:43
Disturbing trailer sound design. Evil and scary FX elements with swells and hits add tension and suspense to this track. @ :15, quick percussion hit into a big synth siren. @ :26, evil breathing sound design. @ :32, swoosh into a synth bass pulse drop. @ :37, synth sub bass pulse with high pitch ringing. @ :47, rise into heavy synth hit. @ :58, synth rise. @ 1:18, synth drop. Starting @ 1:21, industrial percussion groove sets the pace. @ 1:40, synth rise into a synth drop @ 1:42. Film/TV - Thriller/Suspense, Sound FX/Design, Rises, Score/Trailer, Epic. 92 BPM. Full Mix.
127 BPM02:26
A dark, horn intro with heavy drum hits, pulsing bass and sound effects takes you to the first drop. A quick rise shrieks into a building horn break. A massive beat kicks in with vocal and choir stabs, cymbals and sound effects. A slow moment collides into submarine hits before kicking into the final build. Intense drums and effects build to a massive, chaotic drum hit end with a reload.
120 BPM02:08
Fun modern action trailer sound design with cool robotic feel. @ :08, quick synth drop. @ :12, quick synth breath. @ :21, synth bass pulse starts. @ :29, sudden pause of the groove. @ :32, gun cocking sound design. @ :40, sound design pulse that continues until 1:11 with increasing intensity. @ 1:23, synth rise. @ 1:28, electronic synth sounds create the groove with industrial percussion elements. @ 1:54, synth rise into silence @ 1:59. Film/TV - Thriller/Suspense, Sound FX/Design, Rises, Score/Trailer, Sting. 120 BPM. Full Mix.
95 BPM02:25
Heavy hits and heart pounding tension give way to an eerie child soprano solo, creating the perfect mix of anxiety and inertia. Chaotic sound design leads you through heavy drum hits and leaves you on the edge of your seat.
127 BPM01:17
erotic girl pop with harsh threats over massively aggressive industrial drum thunder. more seductive than scary, shush, she's out to kill, 127 BPM
130 BPM02:49
Hunting you through the gothic rainy streets, this track starts with a massive open analog kick beat and pours on a healthy dose of epic Blade Runner synth-strings, superhero taiko drums, and a vocal delivery announcing the harbinger of your doom. The Apex Predator has you in its sights.
0 BPM01:07
Drama - Thriller, Horror, SFX, Ominous, Mysterious, Suspenseful, Dangerous, Eerie, Menacing, Disturbing, Intense, Impact, Promo, Electronic distorted groove with unnerving, pulsing swells; Huge, insistent drum hits
0 BPM02:21
Dark, ominous gongs and stabs of piercing synths. Mysterious pads lead to clusters of three sharp, aggressive, hybrid hits like gunshots; evil, rhythmic mid tempo percussion, flanging, hypnotic guitar and FX build and swell to a rising, tense climax
123 BPM01:07
Electronic distorted groove with unnerving, pulsing swells; Huge, insistent drum hits. Drama - Thriller, Horror, SFX, Ominous, Mysterious, Suspenseful, Dangerous, Eerie, Menacing, Disturbing, Intense, Impact, Promo. Full Mix.
90 BPM02:01
Glitchy synths braams and melodies combine with oppressive drums and foley-style percussion in the unique and glitched-out chiller. @ 0:16 Ticking percussion begins. POI @ 0:26 Deep synth impact into denser percussion. POI @ 0:42 Bass pulse begins. POI @ 0:47 Guitar enters. POI @ 0:58 Driving groove begins. POI @ 1:20 Bending ambient tones begin. POI @ 1:40 Riser cuts to more simple percussion texture.
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