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120 BPM02:27
Your fight or flight instinct kicks in and overpowers you. An industrial orchestral/rock hybrid passage with explosive percussive elements and primordial vocals gives way to an ear shrieking rise to oblivion. A constant build in momentum drops you into the depths of despair with an ethnic solo flute. A Dubstep influenced drop with heavy percussion and massive growling synths takes this track to a new level before leading you into a fast-paced, crazy percussion build. Action - Dubstep, Suspense, Trailer, Sci-Fi, Epic, Thriller. 120 BPM. Full Mix.

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125 BPM01:59
Drama - Suspense - Electronic, Industrial, Atmospheric. Dark, rhythmic ominous textures hint of impending doom. Delayed electronic percussion and industrial/apocalyptic vibrations give way to snarling, gritty evil synths and deep a synth bass. POI at 0:51 A full-on evil drum, bass and synth breakdown that build into the final body-slamming tapout. You just got DOMINATED! Full Mix.
128 BPM02:38
An intense, massively over the top, final stand. You have nothing to lose. A menacing string bass cues the ensuing onslaught. A percussive rise drops into a heavy, guitar-driven orchestral/rock hybrid section with swelling strings. Adrenaline courses through your body as the pounding of the drums echoes the pounding in your ears. A Dubstep/orchestral hybrid drop at :56 plays off heavy guitars and synths. A breakdown gives you a moment to breathe before building back up to an aggressively intense outro with guitar, orchestra, robotic synths and heavy percussion building to the end. Action - Dubstep, Suspense, Trailer, Sci-Fi, Epic, Thriller. 128 BPM. Full Mix.
141 BPM02:13
You have passed the point of no return. Your path is clear, destiny unbending. A mid-tempo buzz bass synth lead creates a sense of alarm. Wub synths and heavily syncopated drums and bass navigate through unnerving sound design and dark rhythms to rattle your eardrums. Colossal horns and mammoth guitars course through tension and suspense. Chopped guitars, low wobbling synths and a frenetic disruption course through thundering percussion. Your fate is sealed. Action - Dubstep, Suspense, Trailer, Sci-Fi, Epic, Thriller. 141 BPM. Full Mix.
130 BPM00:30
Mechanical and industrial sounds echo and drown out the horrifying screaming of the fallen.
100 BPM01:14
Heavy rock with guitars & drums; Frightening ambience and evil screams; Intense, long rise. Drama - Horror, Fears. Full Mix.
90 BPM01:47
Squealing, glitchy synth hits intro; mysterious, dark keyboard motif breaks into bombastic, brutal, rapidfire percussion, layering shrill alarms, textured FX, distant screams and massive drops.
100 BPM01:58
A bold blend of driving crushing percussion and growling synths builds to a punishing climax. POI @ 0:14 First huge impact. POI @ 0:23 Percussion intensifies. POI @ 0:35 Synths and percussion build, cutting to silence. POI @ 0:45 Growling swell to deep impacts. POI @ 1:28 Percussion intensifies, driving to a peak. POI @ 1:45 Quick crushing recap of main groove.
0 BPM02:18
Radioactive pulse hits, sci-fi, alien, deep space, digital whispers, heavily distorted bass tones, alarming pulse, tense, mechanical, hydraulic, fast-paced action percussive back end build
160 BPM01:37
Unsettling rhythmic intro bleeds over into massive hits and fx, fueled by massive drums and slowly growing to an unrelenting, frenzied finish. Destroyer, Doom, Defcon 5.
138 BPM02:33
An unstoppable, driving force of apocalyptic terror drives hard with a Dubstep drop of epic proportion. A brittle beat of pure white tension cues the moment to take up arms and fight. Driving synths explode between aggressive orchestral edits and hard Dubstep drums, creating an explosion of sound design and edit points. Hellfire rains down with full choir, epic hits, a cinematic orchestra, otherworldly solo flute, heavy rock drums and massive guitar. The action slowly dissipates into a single note that agonizingly blisters with radiance. Action - Dubstep, Suspense, Trailer, Sci-Fi, Epic, Thriller. 138 BPM. Full Mix.
123 BPM01:07
Electronic distorted groove with unnerving, pulsing swells; Huge, insistent drum hits. Drama - Thriller, Horror, SFX, Ominous, Mysterious, Suspenseful, Dangerous, Eerie, Menacing, Disturbing, Intense, Impact, Promo. Full Mix.
75 BPM01:34
Vicious synth oscillations combine with violent guitars, extreme drumming, and wailing synth bends in this unique breakneck thriller. POI @ 0:11 Synth enters. POI @ 0:25 Deep bass downer. POI @ 0:28 Guitar and synth alarms enter. POI @ 0:44 Driving heavy guitars are interrupted by deep downers. POI @ 1:09 Glitchy cut to silence. POI @ 1:14 Thrilling build to the end. POI @ 1:23 Massive drum fill.
160 BPM01:41
Soundtrack - Themes. Evil intoxicating guitar riff joined by in-your-face effects and raging bass combine with massive drums, rises, and hits to a raging full-fledged intense jam ending with a cool wind down. High Adrenaline and Edgy. Full Mix.
90 BPM02:01
Glitchy synths braams and melodies combine with oppressive drums and foley-style percussion in the unique and glitched-out chiller. @ 0:16 Ticking percussion begins. POI @ 0:26 Deep synth impact into denser percussion. POI @ 0:42 Bass pulse begins. POI @ 0:47 Guitar enters. POI @ 0:58 Driving groove begins. POI @ 1:20 Bending ambient tones begin. POI @ 1:40 Riser cuts to more simple percussion texture.
100 BPM01:17
Step into a dystopian future where the rules have changed. Rousing electro hybrid with explosive sound design.
78 BPM01:08
Dark and suspenseful piece with massive hits and impacts. Stuttering sound effects. Grungy heavy metal guitars and nerve-racking drums. FX heavy. Rise ending.
0 BPM01:07
Drama - Thriller, Horror, SFX, Ominous, Mysterious, Suspenseful, Dangerous, Eerie, Menacing, Disturbing, Intense, Impact, Promo, Electronic distorted groove with unnerving, pulsing swells; Huge, insistent drum hits
80 BPM01:52
Deep brass blasts bend upwards over a rising, rhythmic pulse; glitchy synth beats and textures slice, squeal and slam over pounding drums; a huge bass drop leads to a giant, rising climactic build
123 BPM02:09
A war is raging inside your mind as you battle against your own limitations. Low, aggressive Dubstep style synths play off of heavy guitar riffs. Orchestral rises and dissonant guitars fight against drumbeats and synths of massive proportion only to vanish into silence and return with exponentially more animosity and angst. Action - Dubstep, Suspense, Trailer, Sci-Fi, Epic, Thriller. 123 BPM. Full Mix.
84 BPM02:12
In an industrial dystopian city, modular sounds and a sub bass begin the dark journey. Powerful, relentless high scorching synths attack.
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