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93 BPM03:04
An intense, epic orchestral hybrid of a common religious melody with a traditional female opera vocal collides with colossal drums, aggressive sound design and intense drum rises.

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120 BPM01:11
Drums - Percussion - Eerie distant drones, bass hits, creepy electronic beat, synth hits. 120 BPM. Full Mix.
120 BPM03:11
Huge drum hits with screaming synths and heavy bending guitar riffs pulverize orchestral hits before breaking down into a vocal solo and reloading into a chaotic ending full of suspense and action.
136 BPM02:58
Thudding bass strikes and warbling strings step into a rhythmic, swirling howl that extends dark tendrils. The bass returns with an evil, howling drone, shrill strings and a pounding drum building relentlessly to a glitching, dense climax.
83 BPM03:02
A spine tingling deconstruction of a classic with sound design, massive drums, distorted flute, horns and hits breaking down into a young boy's ominous solo of "America the Beautiful" sure to leave you with goosebumps.
0 BPM02:00
A massive intro with distorted horns, dynamic sweeps and rising effects creates suspense and distrust. Dark,creepy breaths, pulsating basses, and over-the-top cinematic orchestration with piercing female vocals create an intense chaotic sound design.
138 BPM02:37
Echoing, hollow hits, desolate thunder, ominous, sparse, pounding hits, horror, alien monster godzilla groans, massive percussive build, rhythmic back end, intense rise, distant alarm
88 BPM02:57
Distorted foghorn blasts over pads interrupted by string bends and percussion. Raw strings, doors slam and a light choir betrays trust. Sliding cellos and chaos breaks the calm, building with synth bursts, slams, ostinatos and an evil gothic choir
116 BPM01:12
Deep drone, disturbing rattling with static FX and slashing hits; Choral rise into unsettling electronic FX; Pounding drums and rise tag. Drama - Horror, Fears. Full Mix.
90 BPM02:38
Tron, pulsing electronics, bourne, led zeppelin, kashmir, x-men, dangerous, swagger, rock drums, rock Guitar - Effecteds, power, aggressive, marvel, big percussion, orchestra, saving the world, choir, batman, superman, destruction, ticking, clocks
125 BPM01:21
Orchestral FX; Atmospheric background; Hard impact hits. Drama - Horror, Blood. Full Mix.
120 BPM02:53
Ethereal dronescape broken by vicious stabs. Quick and deadly strings push against a grumbling synth as breathy vocals swirl, joined by a choir that tumbles into a rush of tense strings and drums, climbing to a massive finale and final synth tag.
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