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125 BPM02:51
A live, ethnic doboku flute creates an uneasy soundscape that slowly builds into massive hits and aggressive toms with synth and string chaos. A quick reload hits before plunging into deep drums and haunting flute.

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187 BPM01:34
A chilling soundscape and dark mood with distant and echoing percussion. Atmospheric - World, Suspense. 128-187 BPM. Full Mix.
170 BPM01:31
Drama - Adventure - Textural. Tribal percussion with orchestral, analog and vocal textures create a powerful, driving, action-chase theme. POI: Intro 0-0:13. Heavy percussive theme with gradual build 0:13-1:10. Ending 1:10-1:24. 170 bpm. Full Mix.
140 BPM01:06
Drums and Percussion, Sparse Drums with Ominous Tones and Mechanical Power Down Sound Design, Electronic, Layered, Fear, Horror, Haunting, Impending Doom. Drums of War. Full Mix.
115 BPM02:28
A dark and effervescent intro with Asian flute leads into driving, percussion with sawing Morin strings and a brooding feeling.
85 BPM02:30
Growling string drones, ghostly choir, deep pounding frame drum. Fateful. Deadly contagion, red cross on the door. The stench of death, D minor, 85 BPM
80 BPM01:57
The immortal army of the middle east are coming. Tick tocks, a distorted tuned down solo violin, braams, atmospheres, drums and string fx.
0 BPM01:03
World - Hip Ambient Groove, Atmospheric, Percussive, Rhythmic, Melodic, Ethnic, Intense, Promo, Impact, Trailer , Dark ambient drones with Indian tabla drums and wailing vocals
110 BPM02:03
110 BPM02:03
Unspeakable horrors signal a sense of creeping, claustrophobic fear and terror.
98 BPM02:05
Threatening synths and creepy sound design slowly burn complimenting dark drum pulses, transmitting a sense of mystery and danger.
127 BPM02:07
Piercing, scratching strings joined by tense, organic ticking grows with metallic disturbances and climaxes with a twisted sense of monstrous evil.
104 BPM02:25
immense mystical reality, moving through outer-space, a billion and one stars. intense tribal percussion, extreme fear has just become the norm, whatever lurks at the other side of the stargate, 104 BPM
129 BPM01:28
Huge hits over vast haunting drone and excruciating fx noise; Metal pulse, huge drums and rise; Swirling metallic ending. Drama - Thriller, Horror, SFX, Ominous, Mysterious, Suspenseful, Dangerous, Eerie, Menacing, Disturbing, Intense, Impact, Promo. Full Mix.
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